Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poignant Polka

Terri Moore was a fairly well-known film star 'in my day'. Did she ever gaze at this photograph, in her later years, and sense the melancholy that made me write this poem?


Did anyone see her leaving?
The girl in the polka-dot dress?
Seeing's believing
That's true, I guess.

Did anyone see her going?
I looked and she was gone.
And a cold wind was blowing
Where the sun once shone.

The face in the photograph
Looks a little bit like mine.
But there I can trace a laugh,
And, here, a line.

Did anyone see her leaving?
I only know she left.
There's just one word for my grieving...

Did anyone hear that laughter
That hung on the sunny air?
Nothing, coming after,
Could quite compare.

Did anyone see her moving,
The swirl of a passing skirt?
Memory is proving
That time can hurt.

The face that I now see
Is familiar, in a way
But there is the life to be,
And here's today.

Did anyone see her leaving?
I only know she left.
There's just one word for my grieving...


Winifred said...

Brenda I love that poem. You've really captured the feeling. I know exactly what you mean!

Glad I didn't look like a film star, now that would make it even worse.

Winifred said...

Forgot to say I looked Terry Moore up on the Internet and apparently she appeared in Playboy in her late fifties. She must be wearing better than me!

Gigi Ann said...

I too, liked Terry Moore in my younger days. She was a beauty. Like Winifred, I looked her up on the internet. I thought maybe I had missed something. But, no she is still alive. She is 79 years old and still a beauty. Well, that is all in the eyes of the beholder!

I did enjoy your poem reminding me of her. Too, be sure, I hadn't thought of her in years.

That's why it is more important to develop inter beauty, because in time no matter how hard we try, outer beauty leaves us and we wonder: "Did anyone see her leaving?"

Gigi Ann said...

inner not "inter"

Maggie May said...

I can't say that I ever knew of her but the poem is lovely and I do know what you mean.

Bear Naked said...

I knew the name sounded familiar and I too looked her name up.
She is still a stunning looking woman.

Bear((( )))

Unknown said...

You are very talented! Love the poem and love the picture. Hope your race goes well tomorrow. Just like ours : )!

Jane Hards Photography said...

This made me stop and ponder.

Kat said...

I don't know about "Terri Moore"
All I know is - this poem is STUNNING :)))

Brian Miller said...

what a wonderful take on the theme...shes still there, just buried a little deeper....look close you'll see her...out of the corner of your eye. smiles.

Tom said...

quite the beauty..she looks familiar, but don't recognize much of her filmography....

Michael said...

I like what Brian wrote about her and a lovely poem too. nicely done tie in to polka dots there.

Baino said...

I can't make the photo load so I checked her on Google Images and I have seen her before. Nice little poem and a good response to a very trixy subject!

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit haunted by this( looks round to see if I can still spot her fom afar ). Well done Brenda :)

Simpson/Lynch Studios said...

Always liked Ms. Moore!

The Clever Pup said...

Definitely a face from an earlier time. Why does that happen I wonder?

Clever poem, Brenda.

Tess Kincaid said...

She is new to me, as well. Haunting poem. Well done.

Alan Burnett said...

The great thing about Theme Thursday is the way in which everyone approaches the Theme from different directions. Your poem is such a excellent example of this (and an excellent poem as well). Happy TT

Ed & Jeanne said...

I agree with subby...it's got a haunting tone to it. Well done...

Stephanie said...

I remember her! Lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I wonder where the girl in my mirror has gone. Now only her Mother visits.