Monday, November 3, 2008

184. Volcano!

This is the final version of my New York friend, Margaret's, print. We've seen it as '105. Jilted', '135. Driftwood', and '174. Bushfire'. Each time I have turned the print 90 degrees to enjoy a different view. Now comes ....


The ocean floor was shattered
By an earthquake beneath the sea,
And a miracle island surfaced
Where no island ought to be.
And a passing puffin saw it
And rejoiced in new-born land,
Which came to life in an instant
As if by a magician's hand.


Martin Stickland said...

Hello Brenda, please forgive me but I have only just spotted your comment made on my blog a while ago.

Thanks and greeting from wet and cold old England!

Anonymous said...

VOLCANO is a wonderful finale to Rinkly's 4 different takes on this little abstract! The artist's take on this image is given the title Border Patrol, to be seen in a project of the New York Society of Etchers called THE ART OF DEMOCRACY from November 2-14. Anyone who can work out which way up earned this title will win an original print with their preferred poem added by Rinkly herself. The first 5 correct answers win a print. Contact Rinkly at brebry@gmail to enter. And enjoy! MG

Kat said...

I would have chided my kid if she had painted this :))))) It's amazing to see your imagination spinning with diffrent view points... I mean.. poems.