Saturday, November 1, 2008

182 Under the Influence!

Yet again she proclaims herself anti-marriage! But don't forget...... I don't write the originals!

When you've been married forty years
Romance is rather rare.
And there are times when you may feel
Your partner doesn't care.
Well, take the case of Benjamin
And his long-time lady, Ann.
There'd been such extravagant words of love
When their affair began.
But now he merely said 'Old girl'!
Which left her feeling shattered.
He very rarely held her hand;
He very rarely flattered.
But one day he was in great pain;
His appendix so they said!
He ended up in hospital,
Coming round in a hospital bed.
He lay there looking woozy,
Which was not a great surprise,
He groaned a bit and moaned a bit,
And finally opened his eyes.
It was then the miracle occurred!
He spoke out loud and clear.
He gazed at Ann and then he said
'You're beautiful, my dear!'
He slept then while Ann sat and gazed
At this new-found paramour.
He'd looked at her and said the words
That she'd been longing for.
Now later on, he stirred a bit,
And once more had his say,
Squinting at Ann he said the words
'You look quite good today.'
"Quite good!' cried Ann, 'Where did 'beautiful' go?'
Ben gave a nervous cough
.'Can't help it, old girl' he stuttered

'The anaesthetic's wearing off!'


Patty said...

You are just too funny. I just read it to old man lincoln, but had a hard time, since I was chuckling to myself while reading. Have a terrific week-end.

Bear Naked said...

Now this is one that I must show to my husband.
Have a Happy Halloween.

Bear((( )))

Winifred said...

Great stuff anaesthetic!

PammyMcB said...

I love this one; it is quite funny. I love your witty humor, that is why I decided to follow you.

Thanks for your comment. It has been a hard road, but today I am wonderful and happy. I, too, had become lucky. One day I became ill and decided to take a pregnancy test. The next day, the doctor told me I was six months pregnant. That was thirteen years ago, and my life is beautiful.

Darlene said...

Very funny and very true as to the way romance sometimes fades; too bad.

linda may said...

Give that man a slap for me... he he.

Kat said...

I was recently watching a debate in TV in tamil. It was - "whether youngsters show love better or the oldsters"

After listening to the debate, the judge finally gave verdict that the youngsters love the shapes and sizes and the oldsters love the femininity..!!!

You've proved Brenda that men speak truth under Anesthesia :)))))