Wednesday, October 1, 2008

148. Kick-Boxing.

This is my entry in ABC WEDNESDAY this week. I missed last week because of my computer melt-down. More child's-play. I'm enjoying my Second Childhood! The letter is, of course, 'K'. 

I have posted 'K' photographs on my PLUS blog and a story 'Knave of Hearts' on my ETT SETTERA blog as well. Making up for lost time!




A kookaburra likes to laugh

At everything he sees,

But, mostly, at the kangaroo,

For he has such funny knees!

His front legs are just hanging there

You'd almost say that they were spare,

And yet he doesn't turn a hair

At comments such as these.


His back legs are grotesquely long,

Like two legs joined in one!

They're made of muscle, very strong

For bounding in the sun.

And he enjoys a favourite trick,

Giving an enemy a kick,

Not a good enemy to pick!

A fight would not be fun.


So kookaburra laughs all day

As kookaburras do.

He makes rude comments in this way

And most of them are true.

But he only mocks from on a fence.

A kookaburra isn't dense.

He knows it makes a lot of sense

To laugh...... then fly away!




photowannabe said...

Now that's funny, I do love this poem. Great picture of the beer swilling Kangaroo.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Another great choice, another great ode.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

That was a fun poem! Did you write it?

Unknown said...

I always wondered what a kookabura was : ) and now I know : ). Thanks for sharing this GREAT K! Hope your day is delightful! God bless. PS I LOVE your songs that play on your page. SO much fun!

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Wonderful poem and nice pic of the kangaroo.
Great choice.

My 'K'is forKALA-KHATTA and for the theme LINES, I have power transmission lines and electric cables over railways with Raghuleela Mall and International Infotech Park in the background.

magiceye said...

the pic is lovely and the poem superb!

Gordon said...

We are predictable indeed. I beat you to it; I posted kookaburra in the second round of ABC Wednesday. But yours is so original! I will be back to read more of your poems.

me ann my camera said...

I love this! What an interesting read this is to start my day with!

Tom said...

I really enjoyed ths post... your K post had me chuckling.. :O)

Mine's Here

Maria's Space said...

I have always loved the Kookaburra. Such a funny name.

Nice K submission. I will have to visit your other blogs.

Miss_Yves said...

Funny poem, funny collage:an original idea !
"K"ongratulations !
miss yves

mrsnesbitt said...

Brenda, I love your posts! Thanks for being part of this great bunch of people.


Unknown said...

Cute post!Love it!

Alan said...

Funny picture and funny poem. :)

Bear Naked said...

Another great poem from the Queen of poetry in the Blogosphere.
Thanks Brenda.
Happy ABC Wednesday!
Your other two Ks on your other blogs, are good also.
That photo of your daughter and grandson is so nice.

Bear((( )))

Suzanne said...

I love the kangeroo having a brew. Someday I'd like to see one in person...kangeroo that is! Thanks for your post.

Reader Wil said...

Well I must say I like your song about the kangaroo. I had the kookaburra song on my blog for Camera Critters. Lovely animals. In Queensland there are wallabies, but I haven't seen any big kangaroos. Very nice post thanks!

D Herrod said...

Love it.

gma said...

Perfect post from Oz!

gma said...

Perfect post from Oz!

becky aka theRAV said...

I had laugh when I saw the photo. I love it. Great choice. Nice poetry too. Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my Key to Happiness post.

Dragonstar said...

The picture is priceless, and your rhyme made me laugh!

Kat said...

Very smart kookaburra... to stay at afe distance and laugh his heart out.

Liked the title Bear N, has awarded you.. Queen of Poetry..!!! I second that.