Saturday, October 11, 2008

160. Miracle Cure

Comic Relief!


Artie and Jerry were buddies.
They often met up for a walk.
Then they'd sit on a bench that was handy
And have a compatible talk.
'I've met this great doctor' said Artie,
'I really must say he's a whizz!
My Nelly was getting round-shouldered.
Old age! Well, you know how it is.'
Jerry said 'So who is this great doctor?
I might need his services too!
Describe how he treated your Nelly.
I've seen her! She looks good as new!'
'Well' said Artie,'His name's Dr Partridge.
His rooms can be found at the Mall.
It was just in and out with my Nelly.
It really took no time at all!
Just like lightning came his diagnosis,
After only a second of thought
He said 'I've discovered her trouble!
Her walking-stick's way way too short!'


Mari Meehan said...

Ah, were it only that simple! Lol

Patty said...

Love it, just love it.

Bear Naked said...

Now that is a good one.

Bear((( )))

Gowri Mohanakrishnan said...

Thanks for the laugh! Cheered me up no end - wouldnt I love to find Dr Partridge?

Kat said...

such wise Doctors truly exist..!! Instead of putting them in the run-of-the-mill ( go scan, tread-mill, ultrasound, ecg and the works )