Sunday, October 5, 2008

153.Cup Fever!


I definitely feel ambivalent about Grand Finals! I have no interest in them (sorry, Australian Bloggers!) but I wish I cared! 
Yippee! Yippee! And dance about!
Scream and holler, prance and shout!
Paint your face in various hues,
Dominate the local news!
Today will be Grand Final Day!
Be frenetic! It's your way!
Rugby Football! What a hoot!
Joy unbounding! Ball and boot!
'Manly's bound to win!' you scream!
'Nonsense! Melbourne is the team!'
What though money's getting short.
Global Warming? Not a thought!
Today's the day! Look how we've yearned
Constantly as the world has turned!
Everyone is 'on the ball'.
Everyone? Hey! Not at all!
When it's on I just won't look;
I'll hide myself and read a book.
And when they announce the glorious winner
I'll go out and cook the dinner!
And yet.... and yet.... without a doubt
It's sad to be the odd one out.
I wish I cared, I really do.
I'd like to feel, the same as you,
That the world is hanging on a goal
And that one more try will save my soul.
Once, long ago, in another land,
I think I really did understand.
When I was a child, before TV,
The Boat Race meant the world to me.
In England when Oxford and Cambridge raced
I sort of, kind of, got a taste.
I wore a rosette so all could see
That Cambridge was the team for me.
Mine was pale blue; I liked the colour.
The Oxford blue was darker, duller.
We listened on the radio
As the umpire stood to utter 'Go!'
And I began to shake and shiver
As they rowed their boats way up the river.
It seemed a matter of life and death.
My heart beat fast! I held my breath!
Childhood held many such delights
That seemed to put the world to rights.
Once, long ago, my spirits soared.
Now, I must confess, I'm BORED!


Kat said...

Your spirits do still soar Brenda...

Just see yourself in the mirror to see the shining eyes and the naughty grin and listen to the thumping of heart.... as soon as you sit to write your fav poems..!!!!

LA Nickers said...

What fun!