Monday, October 20, 2008

170. Happy Birthday, Blake!


It is Blake's tenth birthday today. He's growing up so quickly and, like most sentimental Grandmothers, I wish time could stand still. In celebration, I recall an episode from his toddler-hood, when ALL of us were younger!

Wasn't he gorgeous! (He still is.)


Of course, Blake is a Big Boy now.
Today he's turning TEN!
And it seems in a twinkling of an eye
Little boys turn into men.
But I still recall the happy days
As Grandmas often do,
When he lived in Quirindi
And he was only two.
His home was in the country
And mine was by the sea,
But I often used to visit
For a week or two or three.
We'd enjoy each other's company
Playing in the sun,
And Barney, such a dear old dog,
Joined in all our fun.
The time would come when I had to leave
And so I'd say 'Goodbye'
And catch the train to Newcastle,
Trying not to cry.
My daughter said he missed me,
And I believe that's true,
So making phone-calls frequently
Became the thing to do.
The first time that I spoke to Blake
He looked puzzled for a while,
And then I'm told his expression changed
And he began to smile.
But he must have thought that I had shrunk
To fit inside the phone!
I wonder how he pictured me
When he thought how small I'd grown!
For, suddenly he shook the phone
And then I heard him shout,
All the way from Quirindi,

'Come out Grandma! Come out!'

(Recent family photographs on PLUS blog.)



Yet another lovely one!

The way you do it, it would seem writing verse was an easy affair, it sounds so natural.

I tried to get you on chat, to convey my admiration, but did not succeed.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Thanks for the try, Raji,. I saw the invitation but I saw the WARNING sign first and switched off without checking!I don't use the telephone much, I'm afraid. But thanks for your kind words.

Bear Naked said...

I see the comment section on this post is working now.
Good for you Brenda.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...

A touching Birthday poem from Blake's Grandma.. with cute pics of 2 and 10.

I pray for many many many many many many many many many many more such birthday poems in years to come, for Blake sake..!!!!