Wednesday, October 15, 2008

164. Monster!

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Little boys have the habit of turning into Monsters, particularly at bed-time!


Monty is a monster! I think we might have guessed.
He's wearing mummy's make-up and some medals on his chest.
He's making mighty magic moves. He thinks he's very tough.
Hurry up, Monty! I think we've had enough!

Monty is a monster wearing a disguise.
Monty has a mask that covers up his eyes.
His fingernails are menacing! He fills us all with dread!
Hurry up, Monty! Time to go to bed!

Monty is a monster! Listen to him moan,
Muttering and mumbling and he wont leave us alone!
"Mummy! Aren't I marvellous! Granny! Aren't I great!'
Hurry up, Monty! It's getting very late!

Monty is a monster with murder on his mind.
Monsters always misbehave! That's how they're designed!
He'll stay awake till midnight if we don't make a stand!
Monty's gone to bed at last. 
Aint life grand!


Rune Eide said...

And I thought the monsters were under the bed!!

Unknown said...

Yep-they can be monsters but they are well worth the trouble.have 2 men'boys of my own.

Tom said...

I just loved this 'M' post.. and the poem as brightened my spirits.. ha!... I was such a monster as a youngster.. ha!... how my mother coped I'll never know.. :O)

Leslie: said...

Cute! ;D

Kim from Hiraeth said...

: )

Michele said...

Aww... delightful! What a great post... I could not help but smile big as I read this! =)
Mountain Retreat-Canada

Bear Naked said...

Sounds just like my three monster grandsons and my one son.
And we won't even mention my monster of a daughter when she was young.

Bear((( )))

ArneA said...

My interpretation:
Kevin Rudd is a Monster or a flop

Anonymous said...

Loved this "M"

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Hahaha, one at my place too. He's just 3 but can drive me nuts.
Oh, but he is a sweetheart. Waited for him to come for 15 years.
Great choice for 'M'.

Check out my 'M' for Mumbai Machhi-walis

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for this funny M poem! It'sw cleverly done! said...

good poem, did you make that up? I bet the kids would love it if you read it to them.

Rose said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my post--otherwise I probably wouldn't have found your delightful blog! Your M poem reminds me of "Where the Wild Things Are."

And the poem "Pennies from Kevin" is great! I haven't been paying much attention to all the world news, but I gather Australia is having a similar crisis to that of the US. Are your pennies called an "economic stimulus package" as well?:)

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Very creative and cute.
Nice "M" post!

Liz Hinds said...


And 'Girl with the flaxen hair' is one of my absolute favourites!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Wonderful ditty again. I like your interpretation each week of the letter.

gma said...

Big smile to you!!!!

Pat said...

Fantastic M post! Enjoyed the read!

Unknown said...

Love the Monster poem! Great stuff and a great picture (looks like a young relative of mine!!)

Bodge's Bulletin

photowannabe said...

Love this poem and the smile it gave me. Great M post .

Neva said...

A very fun M!!!

Kat said...

Grinning to the relief seen in the last two lines..

Monty's gone to bed at last.
Aint life grand!

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