Tuesday, October 7, 2008

156. Vegemite!

Sound the trumpets! Wave the flags! Forget your worries! The billionth jar of Australian VEGEMITE has just rolled off the production line! Which isn't bad for a population of 20 million! We admit it's taken since 1922 to reach this milestone, but still ....
For those who don't know, Vegemite is a concoction made of vegetables and yeast. It looks like dark brown boot-polish and it packs a punch. It is certainly an aquired taste. Children weaned on it become addicted! (Those weaned on English Marmite cannot abide Vegemite and vice versa.) Australians take it overseas on holiday with them and it was a vital ingredient in the army supplies in WW2. It is as much of an icon as the Opera House! So congratulations Vegemite!
I wrote the following as a song for children many years ago.  Now I've altered the final line of each stanza to suggest that Vegemite might cure all our ills (Credit Crunch included!).
Kids like Vegemite!
They eat it from the pot.
It stimulates the appetite
And really, truly hits the spot.
Kids like Vegemite!
They like it thickly spread
They eat it morning, noon and night
On buttery buttery bread.
Don't give them icecream!
Don't give them ham,
Or roly poly sugary doughnuts filled with jam!
Kids like Vegemite!
It keeps them feeling bright.
What the World is needing now is VEGEMITE!

Kids like Vegemite!
It has a lovely taste.
It keeps them flying like a kite
And never never goes to waste.
Kids like Vegemite!
They gobble every bit.
Their eyes are clear, their step is light,
They're terribly terribly fit!
Don't give them popcorn!
Don't give them cake!
Or barbecues with sausage and chips
And well-done steak!
Kids like Vegemite
(Though it's not a pretty sight!)
What the world is needing now is VEGEMITE!

Kids like Vegemite!
They eat it from a spoon.
They eat it when the sun is bright;
They eat it underneath the moon!
Kids like Vegemite!
They always shout 'Hooray!'
They ask for it, they plead for it,
On every single day.
Don't give them onions,
Don't give them hash,
Or rabbit stew with lashings of sauce
 And pumpkin mash!
Kids like Vegemite!
They think it's dynamite!
What the world is needing now is VEGEMITE!


Lola said...

I was brought up on Marmite, so I do consider Vegemite to be the inferior cousin. I don't hate it, though.

I came over here wondering how you found me, thinking I might find the link somewhere - but no! It's the wonderful nature of the Web.

I love your illustrative pictures, especially the washing.

Bear Naked said...

The first time my son visited Australia he just HAD to try Vegemite.
It must be an aquired taste because he did not like it at all.
The second time he went back to Australia, he didn't even try to eat it again.

Bear((( )))

Bob said...

I'm going to have to try some of that one day. I've always been curious. Tell you what ... I'll trade you a box of grits for a jar of Vegemite.

Kat said...

if the Vegemite manufacturers had seen this poem they would've inked a royalty deal with you..!!!

Loved the pun.. "..Vegemite might cure all our ills (Credit Crunch included!)"

Anonymous said...

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