Thursday, October 30, 2008

180.Star-Sign Unions One.

I am no expert on astrology and this is a light-hearted approach to the subject, but I have culled my information from various articles which all seem to agree, by and large.
 The series of poems that will follow is not for the serious student!


If Aries marries Aries look-out for a lightning strike,
For passion and  excitement is what both these people like!
Immediate intensity makes the flame of love burn brightly.
They'll fall into each other's arms and hang on very tightly!
But, with both of them Control Freaks, some quarrels will be torrid,
As both of them are able to be, verbally, quite horrid!
It could be that it's a pairing better made for an affair;
It would make for vivid memories for both halves of this pair.
But as the first fine frenzy might diminish pretty soon,
It's maybe better not to plan a lifelong Honeymoon.
Just have a great old sizzling time, fantastically fiery,
And read about it when you're old, in your faded, well-thumbed diary.
And smile a bit at how life, once, was passionate and wild,
(By that time  both will be mature, mellow and meek and mild!)
BUT, should you marry, you could have a life of wedded bliss,
Provided that you make-up every quarrel with a kiss.
And provided that you have some other interests to pursue,
So that you have another life when dreams don't quite come true.
An Aries with an Aries? A love that may endure.
In the meantime, have a high old time.
We envy you, for sure!
(I have decided to start another blog for these poems as publishing them, say, once a month, will probably have me falling off the perch before I get to the end! I'll still include them in Rinkly Rimes, though.)


Patty said...

I just put your blog down as receiving an award that I just received, please go to my blog and pick it up. Then you will have to list seven blogs you especially like and link to them. If you have the time, if not don't worry about it. I'll be back later to read, this has been one busy day.

Kat said...

Trust you to rope in the sun signs and weave poems around them!!!!!

I am an ARIES chap :))))