Thursday, October 16, 2008

166. Age Related

I wish I could claim that one of my little darlings had been this funny but I fear I just read the joke somewhere!


'How old are you, Grandma?'
Zac was keen to know.
I suppose he saw me getting
Just a trifle grey and slow.
But I am of the old-school;
I never tell my age
And these days I am shyer still
Having reached a certain stage.
'I've no idea!' I answered,
Sounding a little curt.
The corners of Zac's mouth turned down;
I could tell that he felt hurt.
Then 'I know how to find out!'
The little fellow cried.
'I know where we have to look!'
He really glowed with pride!
'We'll look inside your panties!
Then we'll know your date!
You'll find your age is written there!
Mine say
6 to 8!'


photowannabe said...

Too cute...Well my size and my age are quite a few worlds apart....HeHeHe.

Bear Naked said...

Cute Brenda

Bear((( )))

Patty said...

Out of the mouth of babes.

Indrani said...

What a sharp witted grandson you have!
I was rolling with laughter. :D

Indrani said...

Oops, that meant to be read as 'imaginary witty grandson'! :)


ha ha ha! So cute

Darlene said...

Clever rhyme. I only wish the number in my panties was my age. I would be starting all over again. ;)

Swarna said...

That gave me a good laugh.
BTW, where is this audio from? A very young voice, sounding so good!
(And I'll not read anything into 166. Age....)

Kat said...

Jeeeez.... better to remove such tell-tale evidences :))))