Sunday, October 5, 2008

154. Extra! Extra!

My current Blog is about our Grand Final, but Bear Naked has requested a poem about THE SITUATION!!! Will this nut-shell do? Incidentally, the illustration shows prestige cars being sold for a song in Sydney because of the downturn.


How can I write lighthearted verse?
The situation's getting worse!
For now They raid the Public Purse
In an attempt to reimburse
The Bankers, the initial Curse!
I'd like to see them in a hearse!
No wonder this is rather terse!
It's spreading over the Universe!
I'd like to put life in reverse
When Banking wasn't so perverse.
Send the Doctor! Send the Nurse!
How can I write lighthearted verse?


Bear Naked said...

Thank you Brenda.
This was perfect.
It is difficult being jolly at the moment when so many retirees and people our age are finding their incomes being lowered and all because of what?
The greed of the very rich.

Bear((( )))

Elizabeth said...

My sentiments exactly!
Super poem.
You are very clever at keeping a tight rhyme scheme going.
As a retired teacher, I'm hoping my pension from NY state stays intact.
I worry about my children's jobs.
Also, in a sort of odd way, maybe trying to be a bit more economical will be good for people?

Anonymous said...

What a great poem, Brenda. REally sums it up. Please tell me how you put a soundtrack on. it looks such fun!

Would love to write poetry again but have sort of lost my way.

love xxx

Anonymous said...

What a great place you have created here :-)

Mari Meehan said...

...and the greed of the less than very rich who had to have it all "now" even when they knew they couldn't afford it!

Kat said...

Loved the vehemence in the poem reflecting the grave situation...

and still more, loved the words chosen to rhyme. Great work.