Wednesday, October 15, 2008

165. Extra! Extra!

Like many other World Leaders Australia's Kevin Rudd is going to dump a rug, in the form of a whole lot of money, on a very big fire! There's great enthusiasm all round, but I can already see whisps of smoke creeping out from under the edges of the rug! Still, I'll enjoy spending my $1000!

The inspiration for this parody came from a headline in this-morning's paper.

My entry for this week's ABC WEDNESDAY is below.


When the World is in decline
Pennies from Kevin!
He brings back the clink and shine!
Pennies from Kevin!
We thought that we were gonners
In fiscal terms,
But he has done the honours
For failing firms.
When the World is in a hole
Pennies from Kevin!
He sits there like Old King Cole!
Pennies from Kevin!
So while the World is crumbling
Into the mire
There'll be Pennies from Kevin
To quench our fire!

Let us buy that plasma screen!
Pennies from Kevin.
'Spend up big and don't be mean!'
Pennies from Kevin.
A storm on our horizon
Can't make us cringe,
If we just keep our eyes on
This latest binge.
Last week we all sat around
Talking Depression.
Now it seems that we have found
A Spending Session!
So what if Rome is burning
He'll keep churning
Them out!
It's those Pennies from Heaven
Without a doubt.


Kat said...

A swipe at the pennies and the PM..!!!

Be Penny-wise wise, is the advice to the public, I suppose..!!

Darlene said...

Another fun sing along to your parody. I think you are too clever by far. ;-)