Friday, October 17, 2008

167. The Singing Seducer!

(There are family photos on my PLUS blog.)

The Wicked Squire crops up frequently in my melodramas. This one is not only scheming, but hopelessly inept! He can 'talk the talk' but he's not too good at 'walking the walk'! Nuff said. He can be found in my play 'Between the Sheets', so-called because it features a library book! The book is entitled 'Seduction for Dummies'!
The actors portrayed are my two good friends, Joy and Peter. Their eyes are covered by masks!

I've just realised I've used the same tune as I did for 'Pennies from Kevin.' Never mind.

To the tune of  Pennies from Heaven

Paradise is up above!/ There let me lead you./ There you'll find the realm of love!/ And oh how I need you!/ You'll find some fluffy pillows and satin sheets!/ You'll float on downy billows/  Enjoying treats./ Trust me! I'm the Master of Romance and Passion./ If you want a night of love/Thats what I'll fashion/. If your imagination calls for anything more,/ I know that you'll find what you're looking for./

Think of Romance! It is there/ Not far above you!/ Let me lead you up the stair/Then I can love you./ You'll find I've dimmed the lighting/  And drawn the blind./ I'm here for your delighting/ And you'll unwind./ You're as innocent as day;/ I see that clearly./ Throw your lovely charms my way/ Or you'll pay dearly!/ I'm doing you a favour! Try to see it that way./ I know that you'll find it's your lucky day./


Patty said...

Love the top photo. We had some mask like those one year, from a Dover book, and we all took turns trying on different mask, some really did change the person. I'll have to see if I can find some and post them closer to Halloween. They were funny. Happy week-end.

Kat said...

I am realising that this is part of a melodrama, you've written. Did some research in Lulu and saw your book with a gun :)))) and the index that showed the 'between the sheets' too.

mmmm someday I will get to read more and more of your works..!!!!