Tuesday, October 14, 2008

163. The Flop!

I stole this joke from Merle'sThirdTry Blog (with her permission.) I love it.

Percival was ninety and reasonably spry,
His hearing and his eyesight were acute.
But his days of chasing pretty girls had long ago gone by
And he wasn't pretty in his birthday suit!
His younger friends decided that a perfect birthday gift
Would be a charming call-girl at his door.
They guessed that a surprise like that would give him .... well .... a lift.
And his prowess would return to him once more!
So, on his birthday evening, came a gentle little tap
And a perfect vision swam  before his eyes!
She was sexy, she was blonde and she nestled in his lap,
As she told him she would be his special prize!
He saw her lips were parted; he saw her bosom heaved;
'Super Sex I'm offering! Clear the decks!'
Percival thought a moment. 'That's a tricky one' he said
But I think I'll take the soup and not the sex!'

Answer to yesterdays little quiz



Ha ha ha! That was most enjoyable.

Maggie May said...

really funny! Clever!

I got yesterdays puzzle right then :-)

Bear Naked said...

That was fantastic!

I don't really know why Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October; but now when I get a chance I will have to do some research.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...


Dear Mr Percival,

I am sure that a surprise like
that would... well.. lift your
spirits high.

but remember, it's probably okay
to see the menu, but always eat at