Sunday, October 12, 2008

161. Robotic Romance

 I didn't expect to be moved by an animation, but I was!


Two robots!
Not a good start
For a lady who dislikes all fantasies
But those in her own head.

An animated film!
A cartoon!
Worse and worse.

However, Grandmothers must suffer for their art.
'What art, for goodness sake?'
The art of being a Good Grandmother, silly!
(Note the capitals!)

In forty years I want Blake to say
'My Grandmother was wonderful.'
Well, she was.
She took him to see 'Wall-E'.

I could have done without the whizz-bangery.
I was repelled by the fat humans.
But oh!

Maybe it was the backdrop.
Maybe the derelict and devastated Earth
Was less Cartoon
And more Dreadful Warning.

How could love blossom amid such nothingness?
That coquettish tear-shaped lady
Flitting away in UFO manner!
Her almond eyes, blank,
Yet suffused with meaning.
Her palour, her grace, her femininity.

That stumpy little rust-bucket of a lover,
With his angular, awkward hands
And his movable feast of eyes.
Those eyes!
Able to express any emotion on Earth.
Or out of it.

Then there was the plant,
Not gloriously bushy
But pleading for life.
And the film and its music,
Already of a past age,
An age more innocent and childlike
Than ours.

Whatever it was,
I wept.

I wept at two robots falling in love!
No, let me correct that ....
I wept at an artist's version
Of two robots falling in love!

Somehow, this little frippery of a film
Touched me deeply.

May it affect you all the same way.


Mari Meehan said...

It just goes to show you are indeed a romantic at heart. How wonderful! But then we who read you know it.

Merle said...

Hello Brenda ~~ Lovely to meet you and thanks for leaving a comment. I have read some of your poems, you are a clever lady to be able to do that. I will be back to read more,, and maybe find one of my jokes. You have sure moved around the world in the past. It is nice that you are in N.S.W.
Cheerio for now, Love, Merle.

tubby said...

Hey, Mrs. Bryant! Me again. Sorry for the delay. Had a lot of school stuff to do.

The freerice site is amazing. I might be spending a lot of my time in there from now on.

I've watched Wall-E too. And I was touched the same way. However it somewhat bothers me that the protector of the two robots' "relationship" is the lady. Though I still liked the romance very much. hehe

DeniseinVA said...

Hello, what a lovely post and I do love your poetry. I haven't seen the movie you mentioned but I would like to. I have been a big Dr. Who fan since it first started in the 60s, so I know I will like this one - ha! We almost ended up in Zimbabwe when I was a little girl. My Dad was offered a job in their police force - he was Staffs. police for 30 years. You have a wonderful blog. I have enjoyed popping in.

Maggie May said...

This is so good.
I'm not usually into mechanical /electronic stuff either.
However we can't do much without it these days.
I took ,y grand daughters to see Wall E and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Karthik Narayan said...

Wall E Wall E Wall E... brilliant movie... saw it twice :)

Nice post...

Kat said...

All capitals in the poem needed
close reading..!!!!