Thursday, October 9, 2008

158. Reid's Revenge


I publish this an an example of the cross-pollination that goes on in cyberspace! Reid Andwright, a fellow Blogger, displayed a video of his red and swollen arm after he'd been attacked by a hornet. I shot-off this verse and the only thing I could think of to rhyme with 'hornet' was 'cornet'! I have no idea whether he plays one or not! (I've since heard that he played an oompah type instrument! No 'twiddly bits.')


Oh dear! Reid cannot play the cornet!
He's been bitten by a hornet.
He was on his way to play
But at home he had to stay.
"Come at once!" the leader cried,
"Without the cornet we've no pride!
Without the twiddly bits you play
We'll be laughing-stock today."
"I'll send you a video of my arm!
That hornet did me lots of harm!"
"Wear a bandage and a sling!
We're needing you like anything!"
So brave Reid struggled and did his best
And the orchestra passed the test!
Which doesn't make much sense I know!
But I just thought I would say 'Hallo!'
Hornet, you don't know with whom you're dealing.
Bite me again! This time with feeling!
I don't mind the pain, the swelling …
Go ahead, it's your death bell knelling!
That sting will be your final gaffe;
This verse will be your epitaph.
Now old Reid can play his horn
And forget the sting that tragic morn.
And, though he died before his time,
The bug lives on in Rinkly's rhyme.
Thanks for stopping to share your poem.
I squashed the bug. Now, that'll show 'im.


Mari Meehan said...

Dueling rhymes! What's not to love about this!

Lynette said...

Super post! Of course you may use a photo from the "Six shots of long-legged, six-footed joy" to illustrate your poodle poem. Could you include a link to my blog, please? Thanks!

Reader Wil said...

Great post! There are a lot of talented bloggers around! Thank you for the visit. You've had a very interesting life!

Elizabeth said...

These are such fun - and also give your readers pleasure too.
there is great delight in rhyming.
I went to Evensong when in England and remembered that I learned a lot about poetry from Hymns A&M.
Greetings from NY.

Bob said...

Hey, thanks! That's great! And the pic you chose is the Georgia Tech logo ... our home team.

Looking forward to your next installment.

Swarna said...

Did the hornet get to read this? Obviously not!
Not fair! :)

Kat said...

Long time, no visits to my fav haunt :))))) Am back..!!!!!

Loved the vehemence in Reid's reply..... and the cute lines "And, though he died before his time, The bug lives on in Rinkly's rhyme.."