Monday, October 6, 2008

The Little White Pants


'This is an improvement!' said the Shirt to the little white Pants.

'Do you remember last week? What a ghastly circumstance!'
'Do I remember last week!' said the Pants, 'Indeed I do!
There was a time in the drier when I thought I'd never win through!
The Washing Machine was ghastly, but the Drier was even worse!
It hurled us round at breakneck speed and then went into reverse!
Said the Shirt 'At least when we're washing the water is nice and cool.
Except for that awful detergent it's like our own swimming pool!
But the drier is so metallic! I scrape myself on the sides!
I get entwined with who-knows-what when we have to share the rides!'
'Please don't remind me!' said the Pants! 'Some other pants are …. well..
So absolutely repulsive that the drier seems like Hell!'
'Like Hell you say! Of course it is! It's hot and it gets hotter!
The man who invented driers was a thorough low-down rotter!
But I knew it would be 'au naturel'  when suddenly this-morning
The Missus shouted out aloud 'It's gone! Without any warning!
Arthur! Arthur! Come at once! Disaster! What do you think!
What on earth am I going to do? The drier's on the blink!'
'And here we are flapping side by side on this great old-fashioned line!'
The Shirt seemed quite flirtatious. 'Your pegs are next to mine!
We've never really met, you know. Your'e always in a drawer
And I hang with all the other shirts and I find that a bore!'
'We're sort of multicultural now'  Pants said with a loving sigh.
'Wow! Here comes a puff of wind! See how high I fly!
I can smell perfume on the air! That always gets me going!
And you're such a lovely dancer when the summer wind is blowing!'
And so they danced entwined all day ecstatic with desire
Till Arthur called out in the house
'It's O.K.! I've fixed the drier!'


Anonymous said...

Hello there, just dropped in from Gill's blog - That British Woman. Loved your post, absolutely LOVED the poem. Thanks for the share.

Mari Meehan said...

A pox on that drier! Romance, soft as a summer breeze should always win out!

Kat said...

You're too good at taking us in a roller coaster....

some poems take us down down down
and suddenly you take us up
and we GASP.

or you take us up up up
and then plummeting(ly) DROP

You make our day. Thanks for the lovely poem.

pssssssst.... pl come to our place sometime....
will mesmerize you showing the

diagonal line
horizontal line
vertical line
haphazard line :-))))))))

moondustwriter said...

Breezy and free should be the motto

nice White!!!

Tom said...

that was fun. all my clothing mingles unashamably...such decadence

Brian Miller said...

ha, brilliant once the rides you take us one...this ones in the breeze...happy tt!

Alan Burnett said...

Wonderful, I will never be able to look at a washing line in the same way again.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

What a fun ride, I laughed out loud! -J

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, this was awesome! I don't have a clothesline...I'll feel sorry for my clothes as I put the in the dryer!

Ed & Jeanne said...

Ha! Good one. If you put clothes out to dry here you'd have to wait until about the middle of July for them to actually dry...

Gladys said...

I loved it! Especially since I too hate the drier ever since my brother stuck me in it to see how spins it would take to make me puke.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Oh, I love this, very creative and a great imagination.

Dreamhaven said...

Driers are a neccesary evil for a fast paced society. Wonderful and fun post. Happy TT