Friday, October 3, 2008

150. A Lot of Bull

Lightening the mood a little.
The Farmer's son stood at his door
As a car drew up at the gate.
A stranger came walking up the path
Saying 'Hi! How are you, Mate.'
'I'm fine', said the boy,'But I'm on my own;
My parents have gone into town.'
The stranger looked down and scuffed his feet
And frowned an angry frown.
'I have to see your father, son,
About a problem, see'
'I'm sure I can help', replied the boy,
'You can rely on me.
Do you want to borrow a spade, maybe?
I'd be glad to help you out.
My Dad says I'm his right-hand man.'
Said the stranger 'I've no doubt.
But I'd like to see your Bertie
If your parents aren't around.'
'He's out as well,' young Bill replied,
'At the market, I'll be bound.'
Then the stranger impatiently blurted out
His message to the boy.'
'It's about your brother, Bertie,
Having sex with my daughter, Joy!'
Then young Bill scratched his head and said
'It's expensive, that's for sure.
It's five hundred dollars for our bull.
Bertie is bound to cost more!'


Bear Naked said...

I thought it was going to be a poem about bulls and bears and the stock market.
Your bull poem is much funnier than what is happening to our TSX (the Toronto Stock Exchange) here in Canada.

Bear((( )))


Ha ha ha ha!

Betty said...

Too funny. I love to read your daily poems. Keep 'em coming!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Very good. Liked it very much! Thanks for popping over to my site. We are surrounded by farms here and there's a bull in the field across from our house. Will think of your poem every time I see him now!

Mean Mom said...

What an interesting and unusual site! I can't help but envy your poetic abilities. I like today's poem. It's certainly cheered me up.

I have also read your previous post, which was beautiful, I thought. It must have been a very odd feeling, when you discovered that your friend had died a long time ago.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Rinkly
So glad to have discovered your site!
This is Elizabeth from NY.
I would be more than honoured if you wanted to use the washing line picture as a jumping off for a poem.
My e-mail is
I have more photos.
Also there was a SUPER exhibition "The Children's War" at the Imperial War Museum in London. Go to their web site. You would have been fascinated.

Kat said...

mmmm can see that the Farmer's Son is going to excel his father in business..!!!!