Friday, June 27, 2008

39. Debacle!

Definitely not a day to remember! Last year we went down to the Opera House in Sydney to a concert followed by lunch on the water. We had a great day! The music was easy-on-the-ear (Tchaikovsky and Haydn as I recall) and the lunch was a success, on a well-appointed restaurant ship in glorious weather. Today was a different story! I, for one, found an hour of very modern music hard to cope with, and our Lunch booking had been overlooked! As you see, I can't be bothered to waste too many words on it!
(Just one photo on Clickpicks, taken before the day went pear-shaped!)

Our excursion;
A diversion.
Up at five,
Half alive.
'On your mark!'
In the dark.
Chilly breeze
Round the knees.
On the train.
What a pain.
Concert choice
Choral voice.
Straining throats,
Discord notes!
Not much heart
All too smart.
Off to cruise.
Awful news.
Not booked in!
Couldn't win!
Lunch in caff
Rather 'naff'.
Hours on train
Home again.
Straight to bed
Feeling dead.
Hear us say
'What a day!'



Janet said...

That sure sounds like a day to remember!


Terrific - but I do hope you have a better time on your next day out

Word Tosser said...

And as the old saying goes.....
"I shaved my legs for this?"
Hopefully next time you go, it is better.

Kat said...

a stiff poem-in-a-nutshell.