Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It Stands to Reason

IT STANDS TO REASON!She was driving through the countryside, a lovely luscious blonde,
Heading for the bright lights and the thrills that lay beyond.
In her zippy little sports car, she was well above the limit,
But her mood was so ecstatic that no thought of speed could dim it.
When, suddenly, a cop appeared and flagged our Blondie down.
She smiled at him seductively but all he did was frown.
'You're going way, way, way too fast! I fear you must be booked!'
'Oh Officer' she twinkled then, 'Can't it be overlooked?'
'Show me your licence, Madam!' ; the cop was quite severe!
' I can't do that' she giggled, 'For I haven't got it here!'
'What is your reason?' The Policeman yelled ' There will be hell to pay!'
''How can I have it,' she replied, 'When you took it yesterday?'


Kat said...

Ha ha ha... good one.. you made the coy, nail biting Blondie so funny.... but then the cop wasn't smart either..!!!

Kris McCracken said...

Lucious blondes have less fun than curvy brunettes, in my experience.

Lesley said...

hahah - you'd think he would have remembered her!

Everyday Goddess said...

underneath that dumb blonde is a smart brunette, well almost.

Julie said...


She could just about have him done for stalking!!!

Brian Miller said...

haha. bet she got off...i never get off of a ticket...smiles. happy tt!

Gabriela Abalo said...

a very nice take on this week TT!!

One Prayer Girl said...

ROFLMAO. Very cute.


RLM Cooper said...

Hmmmm....she was blonde you said? :)

Jingle said...

a fun one!

Jaime said...

ha! that was great.