Thursday, June 26, 2008

38. The Deflowering

I'm publishing two poems today because I'm off on a spree tomorrow! (Do young people ever go off on 'sprees' I wonder.) Anyway, this idea came to me from WORD TOSSER's Blog and I couldn't resist an immediate reaction. I'm hoping my new Blog contact doesn't think I've taken liberties!

Such a sexy sort of title! Giving hints of bygone days
When a lot of innuendo was contained in such a phrase!
One thinks of damsels in distress and virgins white as snow,
And fiesty little maidens shouting out a brave 'No! No!'

One thinks back to our young days when innocence held sway
And we kept our girlish purity until our wedding day.
Then at last came the 'deflowering'........ but we'll simply let that pass.
(Was your deflowering glorious or was it just a farce?)

But today I read a Blog (look up 'Word Tosser' when you can)
And 'deflowering' was covered with no mention of a man!
This lady says she sallied forth to weed her garden bed
Only to find she'd pulled, not weeds, but all her flowers instead!

The weeds, she says, clung manfully to the soil in which they grew,
While the flowers simply just relaxed! One pull and out they flew!
So her garden's been 'deflowered' and the weeds are going strong!
(If you thought this was a naughty rhyme I hope I've proved you wrong!')


Pradeep Nair said...

It's not often we come across blog posts in verse. This is refreshing. I am bookmarking this.

Bear Naked said...

You have an amusing and very clever blog. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Of course you may use anything that you might find useful and or helpful from my blog.
I would be flattered.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thank you for visiting me.
I am looking forward later in the day to reading some of your entries.
At the moment dawn is approaching and it is going to be hot in Tennessee.
So I must water, do some weeding and off to the grocery.
Have a great day.

Janet said...

Thank you for visiting my blog because it brought me to yours....and it's delightful! I had a good chuckle over the deflowering poem!

Word Tosser said...

Bravo!! I love it!!! and I am very honored...

KaiBlue said...

Aloha Brenda,
I came to your blog via Janet's Lavendar Loft..
I love your prose, it's light, refreshing and happy..
thank you for sharing with us..

PEace, Kai.

Kathy N said...

I'm visiting you from the Lavender Loft's blog. Wonderful prose. I look forward to returning.

Beth said...

Wonderful poems that you write. Loved reading them. I came by to visit from Janet- The lavendar lofts blog. I will be back for more.

Mary Lou said...

Well, A friend from Down Under!! Welcome to blogland!!!

Enjoy your "spree"

Mari Meehan said...

I'm loving what you do! I'll be looking forward to my daily visits!

Anonymous said...

What talent you have. Great words. :) Thank you for sharing them with us.

Beryl Ament said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have just been looking at the lovely photos on your other blog and look forward to reading more about your family and your life in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came via Mysore Blog Park.

This knotty but not naughty,
a tease at ease. :)

ChrisJ said...

I love your blog. I am bookmarking it and will visit often. I remember that kind of washing going on in my village in East Yorkshire. I could almost smell the steam and clothes. I'll come back later to read more. Tempting as it is to continue, it's getting too late if I want to get up tomorrow. Incidentally you beat me in age by 7 years!


Ha ha ha! What fun I had reading your verse. Deflowering indeed!

If it is weeding when we pull the weeds out, what would it be when we pull flowers out!

Hope to read more of your verse!

Kat said...

Ha haaa haaaa....

I liked that "... If you thought this was a naughty rhyme I hope I've proved you wrong!'"

Isn't your naughtiness sprinkled in every line..!!!!

Wish a photo was taken when you wrote this poem... You must've been grinning E-to-E. (Ear to Ear..!!)