Wednesday, June 11, 2008

19. A Remembered Romance

Here is another parody from my book of melodramas called 'Mix Me a Melodrama'. I have used a comparatively modern (?) tune for this one, so copyright laws have to be considered if the song is performed. Singing in the shower is permitted, of course! In this song a servant recalls his love-affair with the lady of the house and the subsequent birth of a daughter, a child he can never claim as his own! Heartfelt stuff indeed!

To the tune of 'You Always Hurt the One You Love'.

Spoken Introduction
Why should I care, I hear you ask
Why should I take the boy to task?
Because, my friends, his case was mine,
I, too, knew love that was divine.
Ann, the Colonel's wife, oh yes,
She, too, was a vision of loveliness.
But that villain treated her so badly,
While I, who truly loved her madly,
Had to watch his foul behaviour,
Longing to be my darling's saviour.
Yes, from afar, I admired her charms,
But, one night, she fell into my arms.
The lightning flashed. She was scared of thunder……..
Then….. that whole night was filled with wonder.

Time goes so slow,/ But, years ago,/ I loved a girl; her name was Ann./ But she was tied,/ A loveless bride,/ And married to a hateful man./ We glanced, we spoke,/ Our love awoke./ We said what we were thinking of./ So we became,/ In all but name,/ Two partners in the game of love./

A child arrived,/ The child survived,/ And Eva was that baby's name./ That hateful swine/ Took what was mine/ And I could never make a claim./ Though Ann has gone,/ I still dream on,/ Of the happiness that came to nought./ My daughter's here,/ And brings me cheer./ My love's of the paternal sort./

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Kat said...

How easily you're able to sway the reader's sympathy to the Lady and her saviour..!!!!

Was reminded of Anna Karenina story by Tolstoy.