Monday, June 16, 2008

26. Architecture 1948

I wrote all my school exam notes in verse! Other girls used to laugh as I muttered poetry under my breath during every examination! The following is all that remains of my Architecture notes from


Once, long ago, I used to learn something of architecture.
I always wrote my notes in verse as soon as there'd been a lecture.
It may not have been great poetry, but it stood me in good stead,
As I managed to get the salient facts stored inside my head!
"The Normans, like the Saxons, used a style half-romanesque.
East ends, at first, were apsidal and the carving was grotesque.
The work was often ponderous, but pleasing to the sight
And sturdy central towers were built…… the wayfarers' delight.
The rounded arch again was seen but only splayed inside,
While painted walls and ceilings were cathedrals' special pride.
The church plan was still cruciform and very long, the nave.
The piers were short but flutings a barbaric grandeur gave.
Walls with arcade, triforium and clerestory, were seen.
The chisel came more into use, where once the axe had been.
The normal types of vaulting were the barrel or the groined,
And the Normans liked their rooves of wood, though vaults of stone adjoined........
Etc etc etc"

And so on and so on and so on! And a lot of good it did me!


david santos said...

Dear Brenda!
Thanks for your posting. Really fantastic. You are great person.
I love you.
Happy forever.

David Santos

Rinkly Rimes said...

Dear David,
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Kat said...

Obviously your poem writing must've started when you were pretty young Brenda. Was so amused to read your translating history into poems... for exam notes..! Wow.