Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blowing his Own.


'I'm learning the membranophone!' my grandson said with glee.
"My teacher says the very best in all the class is me!'
'My boy!' I cried, delighted, 'I'm so very, very proud!
I always knew that, one day, you'd stand out among the crowd!'
Next day I went up to the club, still puffed up with my joy,
Feeling quite sure that little Ben was truly Grandpa's boy!
And as I walked up to the club I felt I had a mission
To tell the world about my genes and my family ambition.
'He'll go to University!' I chuckled as I strolled,
'And all the great professors there will say he's good as gold.
He'll no doubt go to Italy to study with the best,
And it's certain he'll be head and shoulders, way above the rest.
The Membranophone recitals will always feature him,
And his Grandpa's cup of happiness will fill right to the brim.
I can see him at the Opera House, or else Carnegie Hall,
I'll be there in the audience and I'll feel ten feet tall!
I must tell Charlie Arrowsmith; he always like's to boast
How his repulsive grandson, Tom, plays Soccer for the Coast!'
Into the club I made my way and quickly looked around.
Yes, there was Charlie Arrowsmith! How lucky he was found!
'Guess what!' I said to Charlie, as my pride began to swell,
'Ben's playing the membranophone! He plays it very well!'
'So what!' said Charlie, looking bored, 'I used to play one too.
Another name for membranophone is .....wait for it.......KAZOO!'


Marmot Mom said...

What fun! I am learning so much from your blog about so many places. We would be honored if you wanted to write a poem about Rosco!! Just remember that my son spells his name "Rosco"--no "e." I explained to him that the name traditionally has an "e" at the end, but he wouldn't hear of it. What makes me laugh is that in Spanish, Rosco means a kind of coil or curl. Since he assumes that position so often, it seems to fit him! Also, my son's nickname is Bosco, so...well, you can see they were meant for each other:)
Your poem about Dino the Dinosaur has the ring of a children's book. Very clever!
If I get organized enough, I will send you Rosco's picture. Take care :)

Kat said...

Grrrrrr... Charlie blew-the-whistle on your happiness ?????