Saturday, June 7, 2008

13. An Average Alligator

Just to prove that I'm not entirely obsessed with bodily functions, I'm including the first of my alphabetic rhymes for children. I'll be dotting them in here and there, in sequence, if anyone cares to collect them to use, maybe with a special grandchild. Note that it is the sound of the letter that is emphasised and not the name. And don't worry about the 'hard words'. Just explain them once then keep on using them. That's the way a child increases his or her vocabulary. Ask the child to listen for the sound. And don't forget to POUNCE on the last word!


I'm an average alligator and I amble on my way,
Absolutely affable and happy every day,
Nibbling on an apple pie or something of the sort,
But I'd rather eat an astronaut!

I'm an average alligator and I amble in the sun,
Never causing aggravation; having lots of fun.
Nibbling on an avocado, getting nice and fat,
But I'd rather eat an acrobat!

I'm an average alligator and I amble to and fro.
My appetite is ample and its quite inclined to grow!
Nibbling on some little ants and abalone stew,
But I'd rather make a meal of YOU!