Monday, June 2, 2008

Villainous Version

I enjoy writing parodies, so I'm including one today. I write them for inclusion in my melodramas, so that the audience can sing-along. Most are pre-1926 so there are no copyright problems. Contact me if you'd like to know more. I publish on-line with Lulu. There! I said I wouldn't do any more advertising, and I fall at the first hurdle! Imagine this parody being sung by a very villainous villain!

To the tune of "Let the Rest of the World Go By."

You must be aware/ That I have a stair,/ That leads up to the rooms above,/ And that is where/ We'll grow more fond / And form a bond./ You'd be foolish to abscond./ If I lead the way, / I know you'll obey, / And learn the little rules of love./ With me as a guide,/ And nowhere to hide,/ You'll soon find out what I'm dreaming of./

For now is the time/ For we two to climb,/ And find our special paradise./ It's so sublime./ You're only young / And highly strung,/ But you'll see my etchings hung./ So come take my hand. / I've got it all planned./ Yes, now's the time to pay the price./ So, don't hesitate./ I'm your ideal mate./ You'll discover I'm awfully nice./

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