Saturday, June 28, 2008

41. Comeuppance!

Now I've started this Blog every little event seems to be grist to my mill! This has just happened! And I can't wait for you to share it!


I went up to the pharmacy to buy some little pills.
(For even perfect specimens can suffer minor ills!)
I was feeling lithe and limber, and only about sixteen;
The creaks weren't over-creaky (and you'll all know what I mean).
My back was fairly youthful; I had done a mirror-check
And the widow's hump was covered by a scarf around my neck.
The hair-dye was still evident; there wasn't too much grey,
And I almost skipped along the path as I made my merry way.
I bought the pills. ( And now I know you're straining at the bit
To ascertain my 'problem'. Well, darlings, this is it.....
I want to make a Satay dish this-evening for our tea
And I sometimes get all swollen from a peanut allergy.
I was buying anti-histamine! Not terribly exciting!
But tonight that Chicken Satay will be safe and so inviting!)
I chose the pills, I paid the young assistant with a smile,
Feeling youthful and attractive and quite lovely all the while.
I left the shop and checked my docket, standing in the street
And what I read demoralised me! Knocked me off my feet.
My bill had been discounted! I nearly hit the roof!
'Pensioner discount' written large......



How come you express my felings so well. :)

Janet said...

I love getting my senior discounts! It's the one time I don't mind giving my age....'cause I'm saving money.

Kat said...

Of course, there's reason for you to hit the roof..!!!

If you had shown your poems 'as proof....' You wouldn't have got the discount :))))