Thursday, June 26, 2008

37. Toddler Translation

A snippet of real life from way, way back. The Greg in this little story is now nearly forty years old! And the story's not precisely true. Rejecting the Family Cat Name, my daughter, Rebecca, insisted on calling her grey cat 'Ashleigh' which I thought rather pretentious. Pookie is a great name for a cat, and when Sat is added it sounds quite nobly Asian!
(See Clickpicks for an historic etching of a cat.)

When Greg was three
He said to me
'I want a pookiesat'
I scratched my head
At what he'd said.
What was he getting at?
I'd never heard
This funny word
But he knew what he meant.
I fetched a book
So we could look
And find out his intent.
For quite an age
We turned each page
Then he shouted 'Pookiesat!'
Without a doubt
He'd pointed out
A little Pussy Cat!
And so the name
Has been the same
For every cat we've owned.
We've turned down flat
All names but that
'Pookie's' never been dethroned.


Word Tosser said...

What a great name for a cat... I love it..

Anonymous said...

Cats tend to name themselves - We have Frankie Fat Butt (the vet swears it's genetic, her mother probably had a fat butt too) Zekey who was Deke who became Zeke who became...and then there is BB - originally meant Baby Boy and quickly became Bad Boy - there has also been ZuZu (she just looked so French), Boo, Smoker Fat Man (not genetic - he had food issues), Brat and on it goes.

Thanks for dropping by my blog - Cheers Mate!

Janet said...

Love this story! We have two "pookiesats" but their names are Harley and LuLu.

Marmot Mom said...

What a fun story! My husband and I still call the cats "Kiki"--something my son called the neighbor's cat when starting to talk about 17 years ago :) Gotta love the way these things stick.

Clippy Mat said...

that's hilarious. love pookiesat.

Kat said...

and this feline named itself "KAT" :))))))))