Wednesday, June 25, 2008

36. Blog!

The word BLOG has a lovely explosive quality that reminds me of some swear-words. I can't tell you what they are because I'm too 'naice'. But since becoming a BLOGGER (and even that sounds a little rude!) I've been able to vent my feelings verbally without causing any offence!


I've always longed to swear but been too scared to,
I've longed to spit and snarl but never dared to.
Though I've been consumed with wrath
Like some elemental Goth
To lose my gentle image I've not cared to.

But I've become a Blogger only lately,
I'm no longer calm and ladylike and stately.
If I'm bitten by a dog
I scream 'Blog! You Blogging Blog!'
My frustrations have all gone, quite consumately!

So, all you Bloggers, learn to swear unfettered
For BLOG's a word that simply can't be bettered;
It's explosive, it has punch
And I've got a kind of hunch
That it sounds like something worse to the unlettered!

Don't offer any grovelling apology
You haven't voiced some hint of rude biology.
And they'll never hear you utter
Those expletives from the gutter.

Now I'll close before I eat my own tautology!


Word Tosser said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I love you blog!! I will be stopping by often. Reading ZIMBABWE SUNSET is an eye open for an old gal in Idaho... your words are full and rich. Thanks again for stopping by and opening my world to yours.

Janet said...

My daughter doesn't like reading blogs because she doesn't like the word BLOG! She thinks it sounds terrible. I think she would love this post.

Rinkly Rimes said...

We must think up a new name for Blog for your daughter. One elderly correspondent of mine calls it her BLOB! Would tha be any better I wonder.
Brenda Bryant (Rinkly Rimes)

Clippy Mat said...

you're right, it does sound a bit naughty. i blog, you blog, she/he blogs, we are bloggers. LOL :-)

Kat said...

was out of circuit for couple of days... back again.

Ha ha.. Brenda... so that's what you think of BLOG :)))))))

Sounded like "Home's the place where you can scratch wherever you want..!!" :-D

quilly said...

LOL! And when you say to anyone not in the know, "I blog," they look at you as if you have just confessed to some horrific social deviancy -- which perhaps I have ....

Claudya Martinez said...

Brava!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Obviously, I love it!