Thursday, June 12, 2008

22. In Mumorium

I belong to a Speech-Making group and the other day we were asked to speak about what we intended to do with our last ten minutes of life! As part of the speech I wrote this snippet ……tongue-in-cheek, of course. But, on reflection, it says about all anyone needs to say. And I hope I have enough breath left at the end to recite it …… and astound everyone! (There's not much one can do about death but laugh at it!)


Dear one and all,
Don't stand and bawl
Because I'm on my way.
Dear treasured friend,
Life has to end;
Night always follows day.
Remember Mum,
In days to come,
As one who did her best.
I'm nackered now!
I'll take a bow.
I deserve a damn good rest!


Kat said...

Ofcourse you're bound to be given the tongue-and-teeth-in-cheek award..!!!!

What a lovely poem... if I am to tell this in my death bed - I'm sure the attendents would be in a dilemma to laugh or cry :-))))

George S Batty said...

Great, nothing else to say except great. Well maybe, "I wish I had written that" or maybe "could I use that one when I go under" but I do not think that would work to well with a dam Yankee. good writing..a poem that I can understand.
Old Grizz