Saturday, August 9, 2008

89. My Wall

The other day a friend asked me why I 'bother' with writing poetry. This is my response. I'll keep the friend's name a mystery.
(But you can view her new kitchen on my Clickpicks page!)


I've a friend who's embroidery's charming,
Each stitch is a work of perfection,
So she frames the results at enormous expense
And displays them for our close inspection.
But I'm just an amateur poet;
There's nothing to put on a wall.
I might rival Pam Ayres with my verses
But no-one will see them at all.

I've a friend who makes quilts by the dozen,
She spreads them out over her beds,
And we all stand around and admire them,
The pinks and the blues and the reds.
But I'm just an amateur poet,
My poems reside on the shelf.
They are just scraps of paper in boxes,
For no-one to read but myself!

I've a friend who's a wonderful gardener.
Her blooms are a riot in Spring,
And we stand on the lawn in amazement,
Saying 'Oh what a clever old thing!'
But I'm just an amateur poet,
With no chance of taking a bow,
For there's no-one to look at my scribblings,
And no-one is gasping out 'Wow!'

I've a friend who is clever with icing;
Her cakes are confections of bliss.
And we all stand around, looking wide-eyed,
Saying 'How did you ever make this?'
But I'm just an amateur poet
And nothing of mine is on view.
I must hide my light under a bushel.
That's all that a poet can do

Until now...... when I've dived into Blogging!
At last my attempts are on show.
I'm shooting them into the cosmos;
They will blow where the Blogging winds blow.
I may be an amateur poet
But I've found my own outlet at last.
My Blog is a 'wall' I lay claim to,
And I'm nailing my flag to the mast!


Janet said...

I'm glad you found your wall at last! Your poems always bring a smile to my lips.

mrsnesbitt said...

Yes you put up that flag pole and watch it flutter dear!
So glad to hear you are going to buy a camera. You will have a constant source of inspiration for your poetry. Why not join in with ABC Wednesday? This week we are up to D. Can be any form, a poem about something beginning with D???

Exmoorjane said...

Hi RR.....been meaning to pop over ever since you joined Purplecoo (and another warm welcome!)....thank you so much for your lovely poem on my blog....Yes, that poor little Roman face is pretty worried (since that photo was taken he is pretty well covered over). The only good news is that it's Virginia Creeper not ivy so I'll soon take pity on him and pull it off so he can peer out again...

Anonymous said...

"For there's no-one to look at my scribblings,
And no-one is gasping out 'Wow!"

Well, that's not quite true. I am looking at your scribblings and ,if you listen hard enough you will hear me, all these miles and oceans away, saying "WOW"


A big plus - we do not have to come there to see your work - we can read it and admire it from anywhere in the world.
And it does give a lot of pleasure to the readers.

Maiji said...

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
Admiration is in the mind of the reader,
That is me who is bowled over
By your verses. Keep it up
You will collect more kudos, I mean, READERS

Granny Smith said...

Three cheers for poetry bloggers!

Nita Jo said...

Love the poetry "wall"! Beautiful work. Glad I found you.

Kat said...

It's not just a wow..