Friday, August 1, 2008

81. Agin' the Government!

I am not a political animal, but my friend Patricia White sent me an email this-morning which highlighted the work of Amnesty International and and all that the organisation is doing for Human Rights. The Olympic Games are upon us and, if nothing else, we should thank our lucky stars that we 'are not as other men are'.

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We're all 'agin the government' it seems.
We mock our rulers' attitudes and schemes.
In every pub and bar,
Where groups of people are
We hear the variations on the themes.

'That so-and-so! He hasn't got a clue!

'Give me a chance! I'll tell him what to do!'

'They're a pack of thieving guttersnipes, that lot'

'Because of them this country's gone to pot!'

'He hasn't got a brain inside his head'.

'Did you hear what that lying bastard said!'

And so it goes, the hot air ever rising
And nothing changes! That is not surprising!
We can get things off our chests
Call them charlatans and pests
But there's no-one calls our language 'terrorising'

Be thankful for this fact ..... we're free to speak,
To give our rulers lots of 'bloomin' cheek'!
In a land not far away
Men must watch the words they say,
So they go about their business looking meek.

Not everybody lives the same as we,
And we take for granted that our lives are free.
So be forthright and be frank
But do not forget to thank
The men of old who forged


bobbie said...

Unfortunately, sometimes it is our so-called leaders who forget.

The Mad Dog said...

May I quote this poem on my Liberty blog? (With an attribution, of course).

Peace,joy, liberty...The Mad Celt

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Kat said...

How well captured... the 'whine' in every country..!!!!

And the... 'Give me a chance! I'll tell him what to do!' has become sour in our ears..!!!

This is indeed a clarion call, awakening people to give-its-due to Democracy.