Tuesday, August 26, 2008



The ant knows about co-operation

The ant can't do anything alone.

He can't live his life in isolation.

Solitary, underneath a stone.

The ant knows we need to help each other,

The ant's only tiny but he's wise.

He knows he must walk beside his brother,

If he wants to win that very special prize.

The ant hill is something quite enormous,

Each ant building just a little part.

Those same ants are trying to inform us

That we need co-operation from the start.

The ant isn't ever self-sufficient,

The ant never thinks he's number one,

He knows on his own he's not proficient

And he knows one little ant can't get things done.

The ant knows he can't work as a single

The burdens would be much too much to bear.

He knows he and his fellow ants must mingle.

Every ant must pull his weight and do his share.

An ant's such a very little creature,

And we to him are an enormous size,

But the ant can be our most important teacher;

Co-operation's bound to win the prize.


Kat said...

How beautiful..!!!!

You've brought out well the strength and humbleness, in TEAMWORK.

I am planning to put this poem, in our office notice board.

jfb57 said...

Brilliant! Thank you for reminding me that alone we just don't succeed but with help - sky's the limit!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Well done!

Terra said...

Brenda - I have no idea what inspired you to write this but I think it should be in all documentation given to parents in divorce with children...the entire time I read this I was thinking about the road I have tip toeing on for over 13 months and how I could be running a race instead if only we were both ants...however that said - sadly if parents aren't already working like ants I suppose the likelihood that both would see the importance is slim... so...now I will get off my soapbox and my pitty party and I will say I LOVED THIS. I really did - and I am going to print it and hang it on a all so my daughters can read it and perhaps use it as teaching tool to help them work together better like the ants do - they will like this! Obviously I wouldn't share my initial thoughts with them!! But I will share a wonderful lesson, written beautifully!

Judie said...

Now, if only they could run for public office!!!!!

jenn said...

hi! visiting from jenny's. :]

Ames said...

Is the ant a Democrat? :D Soooreee I couldn't help myself.
Great post!~Ames

Unknown said...

I wish they wouldn't work together to get into my kitchen so often. Wonderful poem!

Donnie said...

That was lovely.

Jackie said...

Ants are a nuisance too :/ but they do form perfect lines . I had thought about posting about the Ant in proverbs . I was also thinking about posting some bible verse topic for every letter of the alphabet but that would take much thought . oh well.

Susan Anderson said...

LOVE IT - the words and the message.


Francisca said...

This poem of yours reminds me of an African saying: If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group. Well done!

Vicki/Jake said...

Great little reminder....

Jenny said...

Wow, this was great. I really like the visuals and emotions you created in this little gem of writing.

Ironically, I've been using an ant as a metaphor in something I've been writing. I'm going to have re-read my words now that I've looked at them through your personal filter.

Thanks for an amazing link.

Your writing is just astonishing.