Friday, August 8, 2008

88. Half-Baked!

I promise you this little story is 100% true! Rebecca and I chuckled as we ate our chicken-and-asparagus pie. Incidentally, it was delicious.


I was wandering through the Shopping Centre when my idle eye,
Chanced upon a lunchtime treat, a tasty little pie.
My daughter likes asparagus, and I like chicken too,
So I found myself attracted to a mixture of the two.
'One of those pies, please' I declared. The assistant turned away
To prepare for me my purchase, in a brisk, efficient way.
I suddenly fell to wondering what bakery I'd found.
Was it 'Annettes' or 'Pie-wise' ? I took a look around.
But the name of the shop evaded me; it was somewhere out of sight.
But still I craned my neck around, looking from left to right.
It was then I chose to use a phrase I soon came to regret!
...In fact I feel quite silly when I think about it yet!
'Where am I?'
Yes, that's what I said! The girl's face went quite white.
Her eyes grew wide with horror.She was not a pretty sight.
'Why! You're in the Shopping Centre!' (I knew that to be true!)
Poor girl! She thought I'd come adrift as Old Folk often do.
Was I Elderly Bewildered? Should I really be In Care'
Was I really in the Centre not knowing I was there?
I quickly put her mind at rest and we laughed and laughed and laughed.
But be careful how you phrase things or you may appear quite daft!


Bear Naked said...

I love chicken and asparagus but have never heard of those two ingredients baked together in a pie.
You wouldn't happen to have a recipe for it that you would care to share?

Bear((( )))

Rinkly Rimes said...

I couldn't resist a verse!!!!!


Two carrots, three onions, some mushrooms,
Cut them up finely and fry
In unsalted butter, five minutes.
Then stir in plain flour, by and by.
Now add milk and then cream, till it's creamy,
Plus seasoning, till it's just right.
Then, lastly, asparagus pieces
And cooked chicken. The size? Say a bite.
Pour the simmering mix in a pie-dish.
When it cools add the pastry on top.
Bake at HOT for about twenty minutes.
It'll be like I bought at the shop.

Note: 1/4 pound mushrooms, 3/4 ounce plain flour, 15 fluid ounces milk, 2 Tbspoons cream, 6 ounces asparagus, 1lb chicken,
puff pastry, egg wash.

Indrani said...

Funny, to think how much fear a small line can create. You churn out beautiful lines from small incidents of life.

Bear Naked said...

Thanks so much for the recipe Brenda.
We will try it this weekend.
It sounds like it will be delicious.

Bear((( )))

bobbie said...

The pie sounds marvelous. The verse was grand.
And you are so right - I often say something innocently, and find someone staring at me in horror.

Kat said...

Your poem reminded me of something I read in 'Digest'

A lady met a Company President casually in the beach - both were in beach-wear and they chatted generally.

Many years later, the president ran into the same lady in a crowded shopping mall... and asked her how she was.

The lady couldn't place him and then suddenly squealed with delight... "Ooooh, it's youuuuu... I didn't recognise you with your clothes on" :-)))