Tuesday, August 5, 2008

85. Arrested Development.

Here is another selection from my book of short melodramas called 'Mix Me a Melodrama'. The play is called RECIPE FOR REVENGE'.

Archie is a policeman and something of a buffoon. He is called to a murder scene, but he immediately falls in love with a suspect, and he sings her the following song.

Archie speaking.......

I've fallen in love with this glorious creature!
So glamorous in every feature!
That figure! It goes in and out!
That face! That little rosebud pout!
How can I keep my mind on crime
When Milly Melsetter is so sublime?
Milly! Milly! Milly! Cripes!
I've not felt like this since I got my stripes!

To the tune of 'And the Band Played On.'

My heart went bump!/ I can still hear it thump,/ And I seem to sway./ She looks so smart/ It's affecting my heart/ In the nicest way./ If she should discover/ I'd suit as a lover/ I'd gladly give her all my pay!/ This crime doesn't matter!/ The whole world could shatter!/ I'd shout 'Hooray!'./

I'm in the Service,/ But still I get nervous/ When she appears!/ She's captivating!/ I'm constantly stating/ My doubts and fears./ I know I'm a tough guy/ A bit of a rough guy/ And she is the queen of her peers!/ But I'd be elated/ If we could be mated!/ I'd shout 'Three cheers!'/

I am bowled over!/ I once was a rover,/ Now this occurs!/ I feel so tender/ That I'd like to send her/ Some jewels and furs!/ It may sound excessive,/ But I feel possessive;/ A tom-cat who's nothing but purrs!/ My whole body's dancing!/ I feel like romancing!/ I'll shout'I'm hers!'/


The Mad Dog said...

BB...I just love your work! It brings a smile to my face every time, which isn't an easy thing, you know?

Peace and joy...D.M. (The Mad Celt)

Anonymous said...

I'm just checking on behalf of a non-Blogging friend. Can she still write a comment?

Maiji said...

Happy to read your comment in my blog. And also some of your posts. I really admire the way you write poetry.

I agree with you when you say that there were different standards for men and women in dressing in those days. I remember the ruckus that was created when a lady member of the Pondicherry club started wearing pants- full pants at that - on the tennis courts in 1956.

I would love to keep up this interaction between us.


Your Archie is too cute! I don't really know how you manage to put in verse form all these little stories - and make it seem so easy!
I can't write two lines that rhyme AND make sense !

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

dear rinkly rimes
I am humbled by your comment on my blog and feel honoured to read your posts and learn..you have so much to offer..i feel so happy to know that you once lived here in Africa...Yes is still a beautiful continent and full of love and all things nice...glad i could evoke your memories !
Wil read you post one by one and learn more ....

Kat said...

How well you've brought out Archie's sufferings ;-)))))

It's said, Love is blind and this madly-in-love policeman sure is an example..!!!!