Sunday, August 24, 2008

105. Jilted!

My long-time friend, Margaret Gosden, and I have known each other since we were introduced by our grandmothers in our teens. Margaret is a print-maker in New York and I am a poet in Australia. For over sixty years we have kept in touch and Margaret recently sent me a very welcome print. We emailed each other about a possible title and even a possible orientation. This is one possibility. Others will be displayed in time.
(Forgive me, Margaret, if my reproduction doesn't do your work justice!)
On my Clickpicks page you will see the young Margaret and Brenda. We haven't changed a bit!!!!!
(Number One of Four)
He left her house in the moonlight.
His words had not prevailed.
He had begged, he had told her he loved her,
He had grovelled, but he had failed.
So he walked the long path to heartbreak,
The long path that had no end,
With only a shadow companion.
And a heart that would never mend.


Susie Vereker said...

I like your poems. They rhyme scan and make sense - unusual in modern poetry!
Did you ever meet the late Doris Leadbetter, another Australian poet? Like me, she wrote for Transita Publishing. I'm not sure where she lived.
I spent four years in Canberra as a young married woman and my two eldest sons were born there, so I feel a special affection for Oz.

marie6 said...

You have a very interesting blog, do you write the poems yourself, then? My dad is a bit of a poet as well but he writes in maltese.

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Small City Scenes said...

I would call it 'Splinters'. Just because. MB

Anonymous said...

About JILTED: Update - This is an abstraction open to many interpretations, as lookers are wont to do. Today, it is titled BORDER PATROL, another rejecting situation as seen this way up - an equally sad take on the form this woodcut revealed; and, SPLINTERS, dear commenter there were, indeed! I can't wait to see what our poet will do next when looking at it another way up. The artist

Anonymous said...

Cool website. Nice Print mom. Sarah

meggie said...

Jilted, sadly, is the story of one of my sons. It made me feel sad.

Very interesting pic, which seems to match the 'Jilted' poem.

Kat said...

"...With only a shadow companion"

Loved that powerful expression.
Somehow I had quiet moments reading this poem.