Saturday, August 16, 2008



Does seven dollars count?
Have I now done my dash?
When I hoped to win the Lottery
I meant a LOT of cash!
It should be called the Smallery!
When the prize one wins is small.
Seven dollars! Seven dollars!
Why, it hardly counts at all!
Have you ticked me off your list?
Am I counted as successful?
This wondering whether I'm in or out
Is positively stressful!
I knew I'd 'win the lottery';
I felt it in my bones.
And I'm not the sort of misery
Who sits around and moans!
I'm very, very grateful!
Yes, I mean it, it's a thrill.
But I sort of hoped for better
When they opened up the till.
Seven MILLION was the figure
That I kind of had in mind.
No! I'm really VERY grateful!
You've been very very kind!
I admit I thought of Paris
Or a little deep-sea yacht,
But I'm thoroughly delighted
With the little bit I got!
Yves Saint Laurent would have clothed me!
I'd have bought the Taj Mahal!
But I just won seven dollars!
How disgustingly banal!
Seven thousand would have paid for
Maybe minor luxuries.
But if it's seven dollars
Well, that's just the way it is.
But I am a little worried
That I've missed my only chance,
And that Fate and Fickle Fortune
Won't give me a second chance!
Seven dollars! It's a pittance!
It will barely buy a Coke!
And if you think that is funny,
Well, I don't care for the joke!
Sorry! Sorry! That was nasty!
I know you did your best.
But now I've got the seven



Mari Meehan said...

...and the seven will go right back into the pot hoping for the 7 thousand or more! Lol. I go through it all the time.

Stacey Olson said...

Found your blog via the feather poem you wrote.. beautiful.. thanks for sharing.

Bear Naked said...

I love that term "Blurfing."
It is definitely what we do while surfing blogs to read.
I might even steal that from you.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...

heh heh.. the temptation was too much... to drink the Brendwine :)))) as tomorrow I'll be off.

How well you've poemed the tale-of-woe. That's how the heart works, with everyone... " HOW ABOUT THE REST..!!!"

Jackie said...

Lol I need some rest .

jfb57 said...

It's better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper! (phrase my mum came out with!)

Unknown said...

My mom and sister cross their fingers and send up prayers when the lottery gets big.

fredamans said...

$70 bucks is better than $0 bucks. Congrats on the win.

Judie said...

Hahaha! I love this! My son bought a lottery ticket and had a winner. He thought for sure it was worth one million, but it only bought him another ticket!!

Susan Anderson said...


And MOST amusing...


Jo said...

you are doing better than me ... i just paid $4. and won $3! Your poem, briiliant! and i see we will both be taking the imaginary trip to Paris ... so see ya there!!!

Jenny said...

Holy jingle bells.

What a wonderful, wonderful poem.

I loved this whole thing...start to finish!

I know you only won seven dollars, but I feel like I won a million just by reading your sublime word crafting.

Thanks for an outstanding link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "L".


Ames said...

Loved the poem. The seven dollar part sucks! Especially if the pot was for seven million! We always do the "what if we won" scenerio everytime we play the lottery. I guess throwing away one dollar is worth the opportunity to play the "what if we won" game and one can always hope! ~Ames

Vicki/Jake said...

HAHA, good one! Guess 7 isn't so lucky huh...