Thursday, August 21, 2008

101. Cheers!

A little levity again. As usual, the joke is stolen but the verse is original.
(A few family pics on my Clickpicks blog.)


We were eating in a restaurant,
Suzie, my wife, and I,
When I caught sight of a well-known face
At a table just nearby.
'Good grief!' I said 'It's Alice Dean!
I'd know her anywhere!
She's aged a bit and gone quite dark.
I think she's dyed her hair
I knew her as a dizzy blonde
And we were so in love.
To think that I'd see her again!
Alice! Heavens above!'

I began to reminisce, of course,
There was so much to recall.
The affair had been so passionate,
I had to recount it all.
'Alice said I was divine!
She loved my boyish curls.
She said she was the envy
Of all the other girls.
She said my manly figure
Was perfection! (It was true!)
How come I don't get compliments
Like that, my dear, from you?

'Poor girl,' I said, 'When we split up
It really broke her heart.
They say poor Alice took to drink
Because we had to part.
Look! See! She's really sozzled now!
It seems she must still care!
It must have hurt her very much
.........I must try not to stare.
Oh, I recovered very soon;
She didn't, it appears!
To think she's carried a torch for me
For more than fifteen years!'

My wife looked blankly at me then,
So I stopped, mid-conversation.
She said,'Why! That's amazing, dear!

What a long celebration!'


Anonymous said...

I loved your poem and the story is funny,too.

We were talking about reunions the other day and I told that story as a comment, but the way you put it in verse is so much better.

I also enjoyed reading about the chained tree.Very interesting tale and,as usual, clever verse.

I am glad I found your site.

Mari Meehan said...

I cannot stop laughing! Male vanity!


Ha ha, I enjoyed that. The best put-down ever.

Raven said...

Wonderful poem!

Thanks for visiting Raven's Nest and for your kind comment. I was reading your bio and you have had such an adventurous (at least by my standards) life, seen and lived in so many different places.

Gigi Ann said...

I like your poetry version a lot better than the story form of it.

Both were funny, but yours kinda softened the blow to his male ego...

Kat said...

I knew
I knew
I knew...

never ever heard of a lady growing a long beard and getting drunk due to pathos, of love failure.

THEY JUST CAN'T and WON'T, unlike poor men.

Oho.. celebrations is it? Grrrr grrrr grrrr :))))))

kallu said...

Loved your poem and that glorious put down. Terrific Brenda. :-)

Devika Jyothi said...

Hi Brenda!

Men seem not to know what real women are!!

loved to read this one..

Kat has been offering links to this ..thanks to him too..

i was a bit out of wits thinking of the ways of the men and women...and i saw him giving these links to a friend for uplifting spirits-- i came tracking that ..

will visit again later for reading the blog, Brenda

thank you!