Wednesday, August 13, 2008

93. Old Goats

Another bit of light relief today. I wonder if Australians are the only people who will understand this old joke!

(Added later. There is a cartoon inspired by this poem on my CLICKPICKS blog for September 4th.)


Some Australians were touring in Holland,
As Australians quite frequently do;
They had seen the canals and the tulips
And they'd spotted a windmill or two.
The coach travelled into the country,
Where the grass was a shimmering green,
And the cows were all fat and contented,
With a healthy and velvety sheen.
Said the farmer 'I'm now going to show you
Some goats that we've had to retire.
They get all our care and attention,
And they eat all the grass they desire.
See, here are our goats in this meadow;
Their lives have some meaning, you see,
For, although they're no longer so useful,
They can sleep in the shade of a tree.
See, that one is wrinkled and bony.
You must note all the grey in his beard.
And the one next to him is so gentle
He's been that way since he was reared.'
The Coach Driver looked quite astonished;
'In Australia' he said, 'You will find
That our old goats are rather neglected.
Could our attitude be…..well…. unkind?'
'Why! What do you do with your Old Goats?'
The farmer was eager to know
Said the Driver 'We take them on coach trips!

Come on, Folks! On the bus! Time to go!'


Mari Meehan said...

I love it! The punch line is not at all what I expected!

Bear Naked said...

I don't know why I haven't been back to visit your blog since last Friday (perhaps it is the old forgetful goat that I have become.)
Today when I popped in I was again amazed at your wonderful poems.
Thanks for a good time for me from today and your previous four posts.

Bear((( )))

Patty said...

Ha!Ha! Loved the poem. Did you write it?

Thanks for dropping by, I will come back again.


Niiiiiiiiiice one!

Kat said...

Ha ha ha I did understand this joke... you've had a go at the senior citizens..!!! Naughty, as usual :))))