Sunday, August 10, 2008

90. Casablanca

I have just become involved with an Australian on-line magazine, (I think that has some other smart name!), called 'BONZER' and the current topic is 'Here's Looking at You, Kid.' I thought I'd reprint my little effort here, as I know a lot of people feel sentimental about the old film.


Would they have lingered in our minds
For days and weeks and years;
Would their romance still have the power
To bring us close to tears;
Would we still see their silhouettes
Against a darkening sky;
Would their farewell still be for us
The epitome of 'Goodbye';
Ingrid Bergman had lost her head
And chosen to follow her heart?
If Humphrey Bogart had vowed that they
Could never live apart?
If the Director had changed his mind,
And plumped for a Happy Ending?
If they'd wandered into the sunset
Two lovers forever blending?
If Humphrey Bogart had said 'So long'
Not 'Here's looking at you' and 'Kid'
If anything had been different,
In what they said and did,
We'd have witnessed just one more film-show,
From the dim and distant past.
But 'Casablanca' was magic
And magic will always last.


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about this movie is that, while it was being made, so the story goes, no one could decide how it would end! My take on it was that her love for her husband was more compelling than it was for Rick, moral issues aside. Aside from the romance, there are other memorable incidents in the movie, including the actors, the scenes and the melodrama of the hero on the run. I prefer the b/w movies of yesterday than the spideman of today! Anonymous

Granny Smith said...

Thabk you for visiting my blog and making a kind comment as well as introducing yourself. Yes, Casablanca was a great movie that evokes forever a wistful feeling. I, at least, would have forgotten it if the makers had opted for a conventional ending.

I'll be back to your blob again!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Thanks to both of you, but particularly to Anonymous, whom I know as a very good friend of mine in New York who prefers to remain 'anonymous'!

Kat said...

And-they-lived-happily-ever-after stories are only up to kinder-garden.

Even as recent as the Titanic film, the Director and Heroine murde.... I mean.. pushed the poor Hero into the chilly waters to create that 'magic' :-(

Nita Jo said...

I love the question, and I love that movie. My answer would be "no"... it would not have been the same. I don't think it would have lingered in hearts and minds as long as it has with a generic "happy ending".