Tuesday, August 26, 2008

107.Feeding Frenzy

Another in my series of 'alphabetical' rhymes for children.


Foxie Foxie, fine and fat.
Must you feed your face like that?
When the farmyard hens go by
Fur and feathers are sure to fly.

Foxie Foxie face the fact
Eating friends shows lack of tact!
You find fowl a filling feast
But they don't like it in the least!

Foxie Foxie, fierce and fast,
Your good fortune may not last!
If the farmer finds his gun,
That will finish all your fun!

Foxie Foxie, no, no. no!
Don't eat friend and don't eat foe!.
Have some sense and use your head;
Try to eat fresh fruit instead.


Bear Naked said...

You must submit this for ABC Wednesday.
This week is the letter F.

Your poem is so appropriate for this week.

Bear((( )))

mrsnesbitt said...

Yes, absolutely fantastic Brenda.
Thanks for signing up with Mr Linky for ABC Wednesday, hope you join in again.

Kat said...

Feel like becoming a toddler
Enjoying the rhymes for them, atleast now..!!!