Monday, August 25, 2008

106. Don't Ask!

I think 'duffers' are usually male (but of course!). However, it fitted-in so well at the end that I let it stand. I suppose that's doing my bit for Equal Opportunity!


When I was young, my mother
Often took me to task,
Saying 'Little girls should be polite
And never, never ask!'
She was referring to my desire
For the last cake on the plate.
I really knew I shouldn't ask
But, then, who wants to wait?
So, being a biddable sort of child
(Well, be that as it may!)
I trained myself to bide my time
Till an offer came my way.
'How would you like the last cupcake?'
Sometimes I heard aright.
And I joyfully received it,
And took a scrumptious bite.
But sometimes someone else jumped in
Or was offered the tasty prize,
And then I'd sit dejectedly
With tears brimming in my eyes.
But another phrase was in being,
I sometimes heard it at school...
'Don't ask, don't want!'
That seemed to be the rule.
If I longed for someone's lunch snack
And I riveted my gaze,
On some tasty little biscuit
While recalling Mother's phrase.
My 'friend' would chomp the biscuit
With a chortle of great glee
Crying 'Don't ask, don't want!'
Poor little bewildered me!
But now I'm old I've learnt to cope
With all the social rules,
I take for granted I know best
And the others are all fools!
I simply act the way I want!
Though I'm sometimes rather brash,
I say and do the things I like!
Let the others do their dash!
So it's lucky you are BLOG friends
And never have to suffer
The verbal 'slings and arrows'
Of yet another
Mad Old Duffer!


david santos said...

Really beautiful!!!


Really wonderrful, the way you put it.

I attach here the translation of the song you saw (and did not hear. Not being of a poetic bent of mind, I don't know if I have captured the beauty of the words. Bear with me!

"With your two beautiful eyes
You draw me to you,and as if not enough,
With your smile, the naughty smile,
You knock me out and run away

Some days I think I should
Come up close and talk,
Then I change my mind,
And just look at you and walk ...

Is love a coloured poem,
Written by the eyes
Neither word, nor sound here,
But may be read at night, too

Hours that are neither day nor night,
Will I ever spend them with you?
Not touching, nor even brushing gently,
Will the distance between us disappear?

How I long to lean against you!
But shyness holds me back -
My feelings a tale
I haven't shared with anyone yet!

You entered my heart, where not even the breeze can flow,
Unbounded and limitless,
You filled my self like a god
Without form or figure

No thoughts have I but of you,
My life is yours,
Nothing can stop our life
Together even in death."

marie6 said...

I like this poem, so true!

Yes, I am Maltese and live in the south of Malta, Birzebbuga. Where does your son go to in Malta?

Anonymous said...

I have heard momma and poppa lecture young ones on their do's and don't do's. Some are funny now but then the stories I heard were serious.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh so funny and so true. 'Don't ask Don't want' Wah!! MB

Profile Not Available said...

Very well done!

LA Nickers said...

This is cute! I enjoyed this one a lot.




Kat said...

We extend a WARM WELCOME to the Duffer's club..!!! (appreciate the equal opportunity shown..!)