Monday, July 21, 2008

68. Wozzat?

During my Blurfing (my name for Blog Surfing!) I came upon an interesting page written by a cinematic lighting expert. In it he discussed LIGHT and I was reminded of an incident in my family life. I would like the gentleman to read this poem but I've 'lost' him! Can anyone help me find him again!

As you will see on my Clickpicks page, I managed to capture the exact moment when this 'poeticised' event occurred.


It slid quietly down the stairs
And settled itself on the carpet.

It was shaped like a lozenge,
Flat, throbbing with life,
And infinitely strange.

The boy looked at it fearfully.


'Don't be afraid!' I chortled.
'It's only sunlight!'

But the boy knew better than I did.
He knew that he was face to face with magic.
He knew he was right to be afraid.

I saw in him a man of ancient times
Trying to make sense of it all.
Positioning rocks to capture the sun
On Midsummer's Day.

I saw in him a man of the future
To whom Physics, Electricity, Magnetism,
Will be humdrum.
I saw him capturing the sunlight,
Taming it,
Turning it into a commodity.

The echo of my voice
Sounded banal.

'It's only sunlight!'

The echo of his voice
Sounded aware,



AJEYA RAO said...


I had sent you a email to gmail account. Thought of reminding you just incase you have not checked.

Naturegirl said...

Love your poetry!

Indrani said...

Wow! Science in poetry... amazing!

Pauline said...

I saw a comment of yours here:

perhaps this is the cinematic lighting expert you are thinking of?

This poem made me chuckle but I laughed out loud at Striking Gold!

Pauline said...

and if that isn't him, try this one:

I saw your comment there, too

Canbush said...

It was I! Great poem - and light's not science after all, it's just magic.

Kat said...

A cute poem.

You had Brendzatted it, so well..!!!