Tuesday, July 1, 2008

45. Dino the Dinosaur

Back to the classroom. Once again, emphasise the letter-sound and let increasing vocabulary take care of itself. I'd love someone to illustrate these for me!


The dinosaur did dreadful deeds in the days of old.
His dinners were enormous feeds, for he was big and bold.
A dozen dentists were dessert and still he'd ask for more!
That double-daring
Dino the Dinosaur.

He didn't care for daisies when his dinnertimes came round.,
He fancied eating doughnuts, all spread out upon the ground.
Then he looked around for dentists and I think we know what for!
That double-daring
Dino the Dinosaur.

The dolphins and the donkeys and the ducklings all agree
That this dinosaur was dangerous on land and in the sea.
And the dentists are delighted that he's gone for evermore!
That double-daring
Dino the Dinosaur.


Bear Naked said...

Have you ever tried to write a poem about the word verification that we bloggers have to type in.
Today on your blog I have to type


You are so clever that it probably wouldn't be difficult for you to write a poem about that.

I KNOW I would never be able to do it.

Kat said...

Have finished all your June poems and started working on July ones..!!!! :))) (How's that..!!)

mmmm..... reaching the "D"s grinning to your having-a-go at the 'dentists'..!!!!