Tuesday, July 29, 2008

76. Buzzed

Humour Spot! 'Nuff said.


Love flies out the window
For lovers and affairs
When the footsteps of the husband
Are heard mounting up the stairs!
Take a faithless wife called Natalie
And her paramour called Fred,
And incriminating circumstances
And a double bed!
Husband John is not expected!
After all it's afternoon!
He normally comes home at night,
And this is far too soon!
Fred leaps out disconcerted
Wanting somewhere he can hide!
Luckily a wardrobe door
Is standing open wide.
He leaps into the wardrobe
And then pulls shut the door,
Feeling rather foolish
And wondering what's in store.
He stands as still as possible
As the husband says 'I'm back!
Move over, Natalie, my love,
While I jump in the sack!'
Just at that moment, there's a sneeze!
Fred gives the game away!
John rushes to the wardrobe!
There will be hell to pay!
But Natalie is crafty;
'It's the Pest Inspector, dear!
He's checking-out the wardrobe
Incase any moths appear.'
Fred stands there in the nuddy,
Looking rather out of sorts,
He madly thinks of things to say,
A million bright retorts.
John beats him to it! 'Pest Inspector!
Why are you in the nude?
For certain this behaviour
Can be quickly misconstrued!'
'Well' Fred replies 'It's moths, you see,
As everybody knows.
Moths have enormous appetites!
They've eaten all my clothes!'


The Mad Dog said...

Fabulous and entertaining read!

Kat said...

Ho Ho Ho.... Jeez.... you're the limit..!!!!! (my nails had become so short, biting and bracing for the climax..!!!!!)