Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tattered Teddy.


I wish I were a tattered bear
With not a single stitch to wear,
With paws all worn and velvet scuffed
And fur a single mangey tuft.
I wish my eyes were not quite there
Giving a sort of anguished stare.
I wish my nose hung by a thread,
Not central, but side-on instead.
I wish my mouth had come askew,
As mouths of old bears often do.
I wish my ears had lost their lift,
Doing a sad and downward shift.
I wish I were lying by myself
On someone's high neglected shelf!

Why do I wish for this sad fate?
Because, I know if I only wait.....
That Someone will rescue me one day
In a delightful sort of way.
She'll make me paw-pads out of suede!
No finer paws, I think, are made.
With finest wool and thread she'll sew
A mouth like a perfect Cupid's Bow.
And then she'll add a nose as well,
So real it almost seems to smell!
And now the best part, button eyes,
Widening with new-found surprise!
She'll add a jacket, brilliant red,
And a little hat for my furry head.
Two holes where both my ears will go
So that they'll know which way to grow.
Then a gift tag round my neck will say
'A brand new bear for Christmas Day!'

But. alas, I'm human, not a bear
And my increasing wear and tear
Can't be put right with a handy thread,
A loving needle and coat of red.
I'll have to strive and play my part
To preserve the youth of my inmost heart,
So that, though age I cannot hide,
I'll still declare with joyful pride
'The outside's not too debonaire
But INSIDE I'm a brand new Bear!'


Bear Naked said...


I am trying to post a *Thank You* for this beautiful poem through the tears in my eyes.

You are a wonderful poet and a wonderful new friend.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I am going to have a special post for you tomorrow on my blog.

Again Thank You Thank You

Bear((( )))

Canbush said...

Marvellous, Brenda. I produce a poem about every six months (or more) so I definitely need some of whatever you're on to keep up such a grand outpouring!

Incidentally, I've not been into Newcastle but I did visit the Steamfest at Maitland a few years ago - it was extremely hot. And I've also done the obligatory tourist tour of the Hunter Valley wineries so I've seen a little of your neck of the woods.

denverdoc said...

Came over here from Bear Naked. Wonderfully done, including and through the last stanza.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely poem! No wonder 'Bear' wanted everyone to read it.

Kat said...

Had a tough day today.... but still sneaked to my fav place to
refresh and enjoy myself :))))

You've clothed BN so warmly..!!!

Hey Brand New Bear Brenda :)))))
it's what I've been telling all