Sunday, July 27, 2008

74. The Energetic Elephant.

Back to the phonics! This wasn't an easy nonsense rhyme to compose because so few animals' names start with an 'e' and children love things about Elephants. However, you'll note the 'e' sound in words such as 'pet' and these add to the all-over 'e' emphasis. There is a picture of an echidna on my Clickpicks page for those not aquainted with this fascinating Australian animal. Don't worry about hard words such as 'erudite'; the children quickly catch-on.
An elephant is elegant: echidna is not quite so.
No vet suggests
You pet the pests
Because they tend to fight so.
Nobody likes
Echidna's spikes,
From his tail up to his head!
And an energetic elephant can kick you out of bed!
An elephant is erudite: echidna not so brainy.
They lose their cool
When at the pool
And squabble when it's rainy.
Don't emphasise
Echidna's size;
Don't tell him that he's shrunk,
Or that energetic elephant will slap you with his trunk
An elephant is excellent: echidna is more lowly.
They fight and fuss
And miss the bus,
Because they walk so slowly.
Nobody heeds
Echidna's needs,
But echidna never cares!
And an energetic elephant can kick you down the stairs!


Anonymous said...

Dear "Rinkly Rimes" I am so glad to have made a new blog buddy! I have both bookmarked you in my favorite blogs section on my computer, and I have subscribed to your RSS feeds. I anxiously await your poem tomorrow and thank you so much for being a visitor to my blog. It is in sharing our journeys and in defying space and time - which I personally love - since I am somewhat of a rebel, that we as people grow together and realize that life in fact is a beautiful thing in spite of "it all". I look forward to a continued correspondence. To Life and the beginning a new friendship.



The Mad Dog said...

Fabulous...absolutely fabulous!
I'd like to recommend:
"Poets Who Blog"

Peace&joy,D.C. Massey(The Mad Celt)
"Musings of a Mad Celt"

Bear Naked said...

Thanks for the poem and the lesson about an echidna.
I had never heard of this animal before and thanks to the photo on your Clickpicks I now know what it looks like.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable and a great way to express phonics. My daughter is autistic and this kind of education helped her considerably.

Crystal xx

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

Loved it . . .