Tuesday, July 8, 2008

53. Cobwebs!

This is definitely Hot Off the Press! (Look at the clock on my Clickpicks page and you'll see what I mean!) All of this is true. (Except maybe I 'diminished' the number of cobwebs!)
We love the high ceilings
We've got in this place.
They give us such feelings
Of bountiful space.
And when I've done dusting
And sweeping around
I'm certainly trusting
No dirt will be found.
But Blake's eyes are youthful
(Our grandson, he's ten)
And Blake's very truthful,
At least, now and then!
"A cobweb!' he's saying,
Just looking around,
And I start in praying
Just one will be found!
So armed with a long broom
He's on Cobweb Duty!
The kitchen, the lounge-room;
And I'm looking snooty!
But he's been successful
Wherever he's been!
(I'm finding this stressful!)
He's found SEVENTEEN!


Indrani said...

Oh yes, it is difficult to wipe the cobwebs out completely. Ask me. :)

Bear Naked said...

Oh my don't send him to my house,
his neck would get a real workout here.
Another great poem.

Bear((( )))

Kat said...

:))))) Instead of the broom... you should've armed him with chocolates..... he would've reported a discounted number..!!!!