Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wondrous Ways.



I've never been to Lincolnshire
And the time to go is past.
But the lovely lanes of Lincolnshire
Have caught me and held fast.
The dreamy curves all overhung
With shades of vivid green.
The gate-posts and the fences
And the tufted grass between.
The wondrous ways of England
That I didn't know I'd missed.
And the lovely lanes of Lincolnshire
Leading on into the mist.
The land I've chosen spreads so wide
It's greens are muted, soft.
The gums shine silver overhead
And hold their leaves aloft.
The brilliant blue of summer skies
Arcs daily overhead
And the heart of this great country
Is like blood, a brilliant red.
But a lingering love of England
Is still with me, so it seems
And the lovely lanes of Lincolnshire
Lead on into my dreams.
The cottages, the village greens,
The cricketers in white
The 'chintzy chintzy cheeriness'
The misty moisty light.
They tell me life has undergone
Some sorry alterations
They tell me mine's the biased view
Of older generations.
They tell me nothing's permanent
And dreams aren't made to last.
But the lovely lanes of Lincolnshire
Lead back into my past.


Pauline said...

Oh! It's like a song! Beautiful.

Indrani said...

Yes, lines on Lincolnshire almost like a virtual trip to the place. And I visited the site, the pictures are feast to the eyes.

BTW, I never knew there are so many different kinds of poems. I have written a few lines in my recent post, wonder in which category will it come.


Real nostalgia. The ache for something no longer within reach is felt

Kat said...

You took us on a quiet walk down the THE LANES OF LINCOLNSHIRE.... enjoying every scene....!!! My morning walk today is over :)))

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh this is lovely, not trite at all....your metre and rhyme and flow are perfection and the nostalgia permeates it all. It made me want to walk there too. Beautifully done!

RiikaInfinityy said...

I love the flow of this poem, it really caught me within, thank for sharing this wonderful and amazing poem^^~

Carrie Van Horn said...

Brenda you are amazing with words, and your rhyme is flawless...truly love your poetry! :-)

kaykuala said...

Your poetry is always a welcomed treat. The flow, the rhymes are flawless. You made it look so easy! Always ever the long poems and often times a bonus extra thrown in, all for sharing. You take great pains to bid us happy. Thanks Ma'am

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the rhythm and flow of this poem. It is idyllic.

PS I've never seen a gum tree in Lincolnshire!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! You make me long to visit Lincolnshire and England myself...

Elizabeth said...

Brenda you made me think of another place, one I have not been to for too many years. The longing in your poem, brought my own forward. I come to your site with eagerness, because I know I will be met with somethning wondrous. Thank you,


faith said...

I love, love, love this! It's so true that our memories hold a romantic view. Maybe it's better to just visit in our memories.

Amanda Moore said...

this was very special to read your style is classic, I believe you have an old soul and it writes beautifully

Wayne Pitchko said...

wondrous indeed....than for sharing your wondrous words